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After working with local judges and courts for decades, The Law Firm of Williams & Davis has more than answers; we have context and insight. Our service is effective, respected and trustworthy.

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Are You Suffering From An Injury?

Our firm helps individuals obtain full personal injury compensation.

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Are You Facing A Criminal Allegation?

Every American is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Protect your rights.

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Having Financial Issues?

Our firm can help guide you through the Bankruptcy process

The Law Firm of Williams & Davis Is A Strong Advocate For Amery Area Residents

At our firm, we view our work as a responsibility – to make our community a more just place to live. Our firm has spent decades listening to our neighbors’ legal dilemmas and helping create proactive and effective paths toward better futures.

Our mission is to treat every person who comes to our firm with honesty, integrity and practical support. We provide a full picture of your legal situation and help you evaluate your needs with a frank and personalized approach.

We Speak With Authority

Generations of Wisconsin residents have turned to us for legal representation. Why? Because our experience, breadth of knowledge and trial-tested skill puts The Law Firm of Williams & Davis in an ideal position to assist in a wide range of legal areas, including:

  • Negotiating for a full settlement after motor vehicle injuries and other accidents
  • Supporting Social Security Disability applications and appeals
  • Challenging prosecutors after allegations of drunk driving, theft and other crimes
  • Navigating debt relief plans, restructuring, foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • Pursuing your best interests during divorce proceedings

We understand that your legal needs are unique, and we help you pursue them in a way that best suits you.

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Keeping Your Best Interests At The Forefront Of Your Case

An Experienced Legal Firm That Understands The Community